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About Courses

Courses at the WiSo Faculty are allocated according to two different allocation procedures – the allocation procedure “WiSo” and the allocation procedure “Anmeldezeitpunkt UzK“. 

"Anmeldezeitpunkt UzK"

In courses with the allocation procedure “Anmeldezeitpunkt UzK” you will first be set on a so-called waiting list during the enrolment period. After the enrolment period you will definitely be assigned to the course.

Allocation Procedure "WiSo"

In courses using the allocation procedure “WiSo” the number of available places is limited. After the enrolment period the available places are assigned according to the criteria defined by the Ordnung zur Teilnahmebeschränkung (German only). 

You have the opportunity to prioritize courses which are part of the allocation procedure “WiSo” to raise the possibility of approval for very relevant or interesting courses. Further help for priorization you can find here. Furthermore, you can find information on the page "registration periods" as well as helpful advice regarding course registration here.