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17.01.2024Access extended in 2024

Gallup Analytics

Understanding the thoughts, feelings, opinions and behaviours of more than 7 billion people around the world - that`s possible with Gallup data.

Their Gallup Analytics platform offers

  • more than a decade of international public opinion data from more than 160 countries and territories, and
  • nearly a century of U.S. national data.

Powered by the Gallup World Poll and other opinion and survey research, Gallup Analytics provides you with unprecedented access to

  • internationally comparable,
  • broad coverage,
  • in-depth research, with trend lines on important measurements of human development.

Data includes topics such as Trust in Business, Trust in Leadership, External and Internal Security, Religion, Food, Education, Environment, Migration, Media Freedom, Corruption and more.


Our subscription includes 4 individual user licenses to the respondent level datasets (microdata) for the World Poll and US Daily Polling databases. If you are interested, please contact us by mail.

In case of questions, please get in touch with us!

22.11.2023Test access until end of February 2024

IBISWorld: market analysis reports & statistics - well-founded and compact

With around 5,000 industry reports, the IBISWorld database offers detailed market analyses for many important global markets.

Each report contains both quantitative and qualitative trend analyses of industry-specific statistics, operating conditions, risks, product and market segments and the competitive environment, including key industry players.

Key external factors and other industry drivers are incorporated into IBISWorld's exclusive five-year industry forecasts.

ESG reports are also available for some markets.

Further information on IBISWorld can be found at:

Link to IBISWorld:

(Access until 29.02.2024 from the university network or via VPN)

We welcome your feedback on these trial offers and will be happy to answer any questions you may have: lica-data(at)

10.11.2023Database trial until 10 December 2023

Expert Briefings by Oxford Analytica - test it now


What are Expert Briefings?

The daily Expert Briefings summarise verified data and analysis on global events and current issues in politics, society and economics - short, clear and to the point. They will keep you informed of trends and help you shape your research and teaching agendas.

If you would like to receive the latest Expert Briefings on a daily basis, you can set up an email alert.

Detailed information on the database and how to set up an email alert are available at: 

Link to Expert Briefings on Emerald:   

(Access until 10 December 2023 from the university network or via VPN to all content since 2015)

We appreciate your opinion! Please write to us: lica-library(at)

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01.11.2023We order literature for you - simply and professionally

Book ordering service for WiSo staff

Would you like to buy books (for your department)?
It's easy if you use Library and Campus Service's book ordering service.

Please find all the information on our website at:


04.10.2023Since September 2023

No more interlibrary loan fees for UoC staff

The University and City Library of Cologne (UCL) now pays all interlibrary loan fees for UoC staff.
This is due to problems with the transfer of interlibrary loan fees that arose after the implementation of Alma.



22.06.2023Relax & recharge your body and mind

Good vibes only - Neuron Activation Pod in the Economics Library

1 / 2
  • Neuron Activation Pod
  • N.A.P. in der VWL-Bibliothek

The Library of Economics is excited to present the Neuron Activation Pod, also known as N.A.P.

N.A.P. is a wellness pod with gentle vibrations and music.The groundbreaking Neurosonic technology of N.A.P. stimulates the sensorial tissues with very low frequency vibrations. The result is a powerful stimulation on both physical and mental levels. It promotes the body’s natural healing abilities and guides the user into a meditation-like state.

N.A.P. helps you to:

  • Fix stress-based symptoms
  • Enhance the quality of sleep
  • Relieve muscular tension and swelling
  • Recharge
  • Improve your concentration and productivity

Developed by the Finnish brand LoOok Industries and Neurosonic the Neuron Activation Pod is a giant leap towards the future of office furniture and wellbeing in the workplace: a perfect recovery from the stresses of working life.


Enjoy your personal N.A.P. time for free on the 3rd floor of the Economics Library...

...and tell us what you think about it: On Instagram | On Facebook | On TikTok

Follow Billy and see how he uses The Neuron Activation Pod (N.A.P.)

A week in the life of a bear. Follow Billy and see how he uses The Neuron Activation Pod (N.A.P.) to fix stress-based symptoms, to recharge and to enhance the quality of his sleep.

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10.05.2023Service restrictions on loans

Changeover to the new library management system Alma in summer 2023

On 6 September 2023, the new library system Alma will be launched. Before that, almost all internal workflows have to be adapted and a total of 5 million book data have to be integrated into the new system.

These are the main service restrictions during the changeover phase:

  • No interlibrary loan of books from 7 July - 5 September 2023.
  • In the Main Library, Department of Human Sciences, HF Library Remedial Education and Rehabilitation as well as in the Libraries of Management, Sociology, and Economics - from the end of August until the 5 September 2023 - you cannot:
    • borrow, renew or return any media,
    • order or reserve media,
    • access your library account,
    • create a library card or update your personal data,
    • pay any fees at the cash machine.
  • Any existing reservations from the old system will be deleted.

These restrictions fall exactly in the time of the term paper preparation. Plan ahead!

Find detailed information on the changeover on the UCL website:


31.01.2023From February 13 - 17, 2023 - online via Zoom

Love Data Week 2023

From February 13 - 17, 2023, the international Love Data Week will take place, featuring an intensive exploration around research data, data management, data literacy, and open science. Exciting events invite you to participate and learn. There will be lectures and workshops on topics such as: Electronic Lab Books, OCR on Old Books, Data Management Plans, Plagiarism Software, Replication Crisis, Data wrangling in R, and Reproducible Research Papers with Quarto.

The programme is open to all and takes place via Zoom.

In addition to the international and national programme, there are also interesting events at the University of Cologne.

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10.01.2023Learning without coffee is possible, but pointless

The Coffee-Bike - new for you in the WiSo tube

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After months of deprivation, there's finally coffee again at fair prices in the coffee bar in the WiSo tube. The WiSo Deanery has pulled out all the stops to offer you a chance to enjoy a good coffee directly in the WiSo wing. The result: since 28.11.2022, a Coffee-Bike has been available for all students and staff.

The coffee specialities are brewed from 100% organic premium Arabica beans of the Caferino brand. You'll be spoilt for choice: a quick espresso / espresso doppio or a latte macchiato in XL with an extra espresso shot? The "non-coffee drinkers" have also been catered for. Chai latte and various teas are available. Or perhaps you would prefer a hot chocolate? Of course, you can refine your drink with a syrup of your choice or choose the vegan version with a milk alternative.

For every Caferino espresso pack sold or used, the company says it donates 10 cents to the aid organisation terre des hommes - help for children in need. We think that's a good thing!


The Coffee-Bike was in the WiSo tube from December 2022 to early February 2023. It helped us get through the dark, cold season by serving up the finest caffeine and other hot delicacies. Many thanks to the Coffee-Bike team for this great bridge!

From April 2023, the coffee bar of the Kölner Studierendenwerk will provide us with delicious drinks and snacks at the same location. (More information coming soon)

Opening hours WiSo coffee bar from 03.04.2023

Monday - Friday
9:00 am -  3:00 pm

Where: Room 0.238 (Arbeitsraum/Kaffeebar, see site map)