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Examination dates and registrations

Exam dates

The registration and examination dates for the individual examinations are announced in good time before the start of the lecture period via the campus management system KLIPS 2.0.

Examination registration and deregistration

All examination performances must be reported within deadlines published early in KLIPS according to the committee's specifications. Missing or incorrect reports can only be corrected within the reporting deadlines. You should therefore not wait until the last day with your reports if you want to retain the correction option. The registration for an examination can be withdrawn within the deadline published in KLIPS without giving reasons.

For module examinations that are offered on the basis of a course with limited participants, registration is first carried out via the associated examination at the course. After expiry of the deregistration deadline, the registration is shifted by the examination office to the corresponding module examination, provided that a registration of the respective student in this module is permissible according to the examination regulations. Barriers to admission to the module examination include having already successfully taken the module examination and having already registered for the module examination. The registration context (see below) is adopted. Examinations offered on the basis of non-participant-restricted courses are reported directly via the module examination.

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In accordance with the examination regulations, when registering in KLIPS, it is mandatory to state to which context (basic and advanced area, focus area, supplementary area, group) the module examination is assigned.

If individual fields of study are divided into fields of study or groups, the field of study or group must also be indicated.

You can find an overview of the possibilities under examination law to cancel a determination made in this way here. It is not possible to move a module examination from one group to another group or from one field of study to another field of study if the original group or field of study is not deselected at the same time.

After the published deadline, withdrawal from an examination is only possible for good cause. A valid reason must be notified immediately in writing and must be made credible. In the case of illness, this must be proven by a certificate in accordance with the regulations.  Further information can be found here.


A lecturer is the examiner for the course he or she is teaching, regardless of whether he or she is a research assistant or a university lecturer. All other examiners are appointed by the chairperson of the Joint Examination Committee. The list can be found on this page.