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Programme Structure and Organisation

Here you will find detailed information on the structure of the Bachelor's programme and helpful links to the organisation of the Bachelor's programme in Health Care Management.

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You can also find this tabular overview in the current Module Catalogue for the B.Sc. Health Economics.

Course of studies and Specialisation

The health economics degree programme provides you with an interdisciplinary understanding of the subject area by focusing on the relevant actors in the healthcare sector. Therefore, it covers the management perspective (i.e. business administration), the system perspective (i.e. economics and social policy), and the medical perspective (i.e. professionals and patients).

To specialise within the degree programme, you can choose a Health Care Manager Track or Health Care Analyst Track. A combination is also possible. The Health Care Analyst Track supports your professional profile for a career in scientific and academic healthcare institutions. The Health Care Manager Track allows you to specialise in careers in hospital management, quality management or consulting. In each phase of the study analytically oriented and management-oriented content is offered.

Within this programme, the mandatory basic and advanced area covers the basic skills and knowledge you need for a recommended socialisation.

The focus area offers you a wide range of seminars and lectures in which you can further develop your skills according to your interests.

The supplementary area serves as an additional area for the development of a more specific profile. Modules from business administration, law and social science are available to you as a student.
the Bachelor’s thesis is written towards the end of the course and can be research or practice oriented depending on your interests.

Further details on the structure of the degree programme, as well as study progression recommendations and module descriptions, can be found in the module catalogue.

If you started your studies before 2021, please select the appropriate documents in the document overview.

Organising your Studies

Studying requires a high degree of self-organisation. Well-prepared and properly informed, you will manage your studies with ease. In the following, we have compiled links to helpful information, relevant tools and counselling centres for you.