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Changing modules and groups

The rules concerning selection of modules/groups in the different areas of study depends on the programme and the area of study.

The applicable rules can be found in the relevant examination regulations.

Changes can be requested in the following ways:

- via the WiSo Inbox. Please only use this form for the application.

- by an informal letter at the examination office (instructions on how to submit written applications can be found here).

Changes to specialisations are usually processed within seven working days. If your request is granted, you will not receive a postal notification. Only if your application cannot be granted in whole or in part will you receive a notification by post.

Please note that cancellations of determinations can only be made if there is no examination registration in the corresponding module. The same applies if you request the cancellation of a group and are still registered for the examination in one or more modules within this group. Please apply for the cancellation after receipt of the corresponding result or after deregistration/withdrawal from the examination.