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Examination procedure

Procedure of a term paper

Term papers must be submitted by the deadline set by the examiner in accordance with the regulations there. A signed declaration with the following wording is to be attached to the term paper: "I hereby certify that I have written this paper independently and without the use of other than the stated aids. All passages taken verbatim or in spirit from published and unpublished writings are marked as such. I certify that the submitted electronic version corresponds completely to the submitted printed version." The last sentence of the declaration does not apply if the term paper is only submitted in electronic form. Whether a term paper may only be submitted electronically can only be determined by the examiner.

If the deadline for handing in the assignment cannot be met due to an inability to sit the examination, an application for withdrawal must be submitted to the Examinations Office immediately in accordance with the regulations published here. Notification to the examiner does not meet the deadline. An extension of the processing time beyond the deadline published by the examiner is excluded.

The regulations published here for the electronic examination of written examinations also apply to assignments.

Procedure of an exam

Arrival at the examination venue
It is recommended to be at the examination room at least fifteen minutes before the beginning of the examination. In the event of late arrival in the examination room, the examination can only be taken with the proviso that no examinee has left the examination room by this time after the distribution of the tasks. The same applies to all examination rooms in which examinees have to work on the same examination tasks. In the interest of other examinees, this should also be taken into account by those who intend to break off the examination within the first half hour after the beginning of the examination. The place in the examination room is marked by the examination paper on display.

You will only be given access to the lecture room that has been assigned to you for the exam.
Therefore, please check carefully which room you have been assigned to before taking the exam. You will find this information in KLIPS under the tab "My exam dates". There, all potential examination rooms for the examinations organised by the Examinations Office are initially displayed. In good time, usually no later than four working days before the examination, only one lecture room will be listed there. This will then be the lecture theatre assigned to you.
If you find the note "Location not yet determined", the chair conducting the examination will inform you of the determined examination room by other means.

Before the start of an examination, the UC-Card must be placed openly on the seat so that the supervisor can carry out the check quickly. If your photo is no longer clearly visible on the UC-Card, please also place a photo ID visibly on the seat.

Storage of bags and garments

If bags and items of clothing cannot be deposited outside the examination room, the invigilator may instruct a place to deposit these items. Placing a bag or an item of clothing within reach of a candidate is generally not permitted and is considered an attempt to cheat or a breach of order during the examination.Wristwatches must be removed from the wrist and placed clearly visible on the table.

Permitted aids
Here you will find all the information on permissible aids.

End of the exam
All issued examination papers must be handed in after completion of the examination. It is strongly recommended that you do not leave the examination site until you have personally handed over all the examination papers received, including the assignment sheets, to the invigilator. The examinee is solely responsible for the proper handing over of the examination papers to the supervisor. If it is intended to hand in the paper earlier than a quarter of an hour before the end of the examination period, it must be handed over to the invigilator. In order to ensure undisturbed work for all candidates until the end of the examination period, early submission is no longer possible in the last quarter of an hour of the examination period. Anyone who has left the examination room before the end of the time set for the respective examination without the consent and without being accompanied by the invigilator may not re-enter it.

Any disruptions in the examination process must be reported immediately in writing to the chairperson of the examination committee or the examiner. The assertion of a claim is excluded at the latest if more than three working days have elapsed since the performance of the examination.

Important changes and announcement of results

Notifications concerning the course of examinations, in particular the setting and changing of dates, are announced in good time via KLIPS. Examination results are announced immediately after receipt by the Examinations Office via the Campus Management System.