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Competition for founding ideas 2020 of the Gateway Excellence Start-up Center (ESC) and the WiSo Faculty of the University of Cologne

startup your idea

The pitch of the finalists

The second round of startup your idea, the startup idea competition 2020 of the Gateway ESC and the WiSo Faculty of the University of Cologne, culminated with the pitch of the finalists.

The five teams that prevailed in the broad field of participants did not make it easy for the jury.

The Gateway Excellence Start-up Center and the WiSo Faculty of the University of Cologne went in search of innovative, forward-looking start-up ideas and found what they were looking for.

The Teams


Context-learn offers the possibility of learning with individual and tailored teaching materials. Context-learn is working on a solution to create personalised teaching material automatically.


paged is working on making the internet accessible for people with visual impairments.
The paged team is taking part in the 'start up your idea' competition to make the leap from science to business. They plan to use the winnings to further develop their product and increase their message reach.


detechgene is working on a product that can detect all kinds of viruses, which is especially useful during the Corona pandemic.
detechgene are developing a rapid testing procedure that does not require a lot of effort or laboratories. Time and costs are saved with this testing procedure, and the testing procedure is just as efficient as other procedures.


feelfood is your functional meal when you need to eat quickly but still want to eat healthy and delicious.


Learning platform for everyone who wants to learn something new.
The Anyskill platform offers an alternative to expensive, time-consuming and standardised courses.


Audience voting

In addition to the opportunity to win a total of €10,000 in non-cash prize money, the finalist teams were also able to pitch their ideas to the heart of the audience. In the end, the team of Franziska and Fabian was able to convince the audience with their idea feelfood - the two simply made the audience hungry for more.

Jury voting

The start-up team detechgene (Dr. Reza Esmaillie, Janine Krauss, Sebastian Bargfrede) won first place and 5,000 euros in prize money. "This is a product that we all need," said Prof. Dr. Christian Schwens, jury member and scientific director of the Gateway ESC, explaining the decision of the six-member jury.

1. Platz: detechgene

Das Team detechgene, Gewinner beim startup startup your idea Gründungsideenwettbewerb 2020 des GATEWAY ESC und der WiSo-Fakultät der Universität zu Köln, stellt seine Idee vor.

Creative presentation

While the jury withdrew to take their deliberations, the audience was spoilt for choice: In the Youtube stream, Nicole Hoefer-Wirwas, founder and creative coach of BOOST, told the audience what makes a good idea, which creativity tools are available and which creative techniques can help. The short impulse lecture showed the fun of idea development and introduces methods how ideas can be developed and optimised - maybe to convince at the next start-up idea competition in 2021/22.


Parallel to the creative lecture, the audience could use a separate tool to network directly with the finalist teams, get rid of their numerous questions about the pitch and already place small "orders". In addition, the successful founder and CEO of goFLUX, Wolfram Uerlich, was available to answer questions in video chats, as were our start-up coaches Frederik and Evelyn.