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Interview with Detechgene

"Just do it, you learn the rest along the way."

Detechgene, winning team of the "startup your idea" startup idea competition 2020 in interview.

Who are you, what do you study and what was your team's idea for the "startup your idea" competition?

I'm Janine, I've just completed my Bachelor's degree in business administration and I'm part of the "Detechgene" team with my knowledge of business administration. Our product is a cartridge that makes it possible to detect pathogens on site. The Detechgene test is as precise as a PCR performed in the laboratory but does not require expensive equipment. A simple colour change makes the result visible, making the test usable by anyone. With our method, we want to create a simple and precise detection of all pathogens. The first test we have developed is a test for the detection of SARS-CoV-2.

What chance did you see in the "startup your idea" start-up idea competition?

Our idea was not so much to win the start-up idea competition, but primarily to exchange ideas and network with others who are either also in the process of founding a start-up or can help teams along the way with expertise, financial resources or further support. For us, it was also the first time that we presented our idea in front of others in a pitch and were thus able to find out how our idea was seen by others. So winning was not the main thing, which made it all the happier for us, to receive such positive feedback.

What did you take away in terms of experience?

On the one hand, it was a great experience to exchange ideas with other founding teams and to get to know the many exciting ideas. Through the event, we had the opportunity to network with a wide variety of people and also to have initial discussions with experts and investors. We received a lot of support from the Gateway as preparation, which taught us a lot about pitching, for example, and finally presented our idea in front of an audience for the first time. We took away a lot of personal experience and motivation from this, but also some tips and suggestions for our further career.

What happened after the "startup your idea" competition?

After winning the competition for founding ideas, we were approached by many different people who wanted to support us. Through these new contacts, we learned a lot and were able to complete our first business plan. We are currently applying for various funding programmes with it.  We have also been able to affiliate ourselves with the Gateway so that we receive regular counselling and office space. On the technical side, a lot has also happened due to the expansion of the team. We were able to finish developing DetechChip and we also have DetechStamp almost ready. We are also preparing the production of both. More information is also available on our new homepage:

What advice would you give to students interested in founding a company?

If you have a cool idea, just try it out and present yourself and your project. The more exchange you have with others, the more concrete the idea becomes. You always have to expect setbacks, but you learn a lot of new things and expand your horizons enormously. In addition, it's simply fun to work together as a team on an idea and to see the success of your project.

If you were to make a short motivating statement about your founding journey to date, what would it be?

Just do it, you learn the rest along the way.

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The interview was conducted by Thomas Lach / Gateway Excellence Start-up Center with Janine Krauss, member of the Detechgene start-up and winning team of the "startup your idea" start-up idea competition 2020.