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Studium Integrale

Online lecture course: “Introduction to Business Administration”

In the 2017 spring term, the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences will be offering “Introduction to Business Administration” as an online lecture for the first time. It will also be offered in the coming term.

In a series of modules, Professor Dr. Andreas Fügener will explain the fundamentals of business administration, all presented in short videos. All exercises and additional materials can be viewed and worked on online. All of the course literature can be downloaded for students as an e-book at Cologne University and City Library free of charge or is available in PDF format. Students can thus take the online lecture course at any time or place.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Fügener

Put simply, business administration is all about how companies work. My aim is to give students an insight into the challenges and solutions involved.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Fügener, Department of Supply Chain Management and Management Science

From company strategy to human resource management

The five modules deal with topics from the areas of corporate strategy, corporate finance, marketing, business process workflows and personnel management. They will look at questions such as "How can you predict when a company is worthwhile?" or "What are the possibilities for a product to be successfully positioned on the market?". Topics of interest both inside and outside the corporate world, such as "When is it worth investing and not saving?", will also be discussed. Equally relevant to the working world is the human resources module, which will present different leadership styles and explain how to recognise them.

Business administration tools explained using practical examples

All of the content will be backed up with easy-to-understand examples, such as a market stand selling organic apples. The “Introduction to Business Administration” online lecture course is designed to show students of all faculties an interesting approach to business administration tools and to provide practical knowledge.

The online lecture course will be offered through ILIAS and is open to all interested parties. To accumulate 6 ECTS, students must have actively worked on five modules, which they prove in the multiple choice tests for each module. The modules will be released at 3-week intervals and students have until the end of the lecture period to work through them.

No previous knowledge required - register now!

Students can register in KLIPS 2.0

No prior knowledge is necessary to complete the course successfully.

All students within the Studium Integrale can participate. However, WiSo Faculty students (Bachelor in Business Administration, Economics, Economics and Social Sciences, Bachelor of Arts in Vocational Teacher Training I (BK I – Economic Science + teaching subject OR Economic Science + specialisation in special education), Information Systems and Health Economics) will not receive any ECTS points for the course.

Participation in the course without accumulation of ECTS credits (for students of the WiSo Faculty)

If you wish to take the course without accumulating points, please contact You will then be added to the ILIAS course as a member.

Problems registering?

If you are not a student, you can contact and then register manually in KLIPS 2.0.

Students of Bachelor of Social Sciences:
Social Sciences students can take the Introduction to Business Administration course as a basic module and receive 6 ECTS if they successfully complete the course. To successfully complete the course and receive the ECTS, you must pass the written exam.

Start of the course: Please see KLIPS 2.0. Note: It is possible to join later in the term.