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Online Lecture "Introduction to Business Administration"

Interview with Prof. Dr. Andreas Fügener

In the upcoming winter semester 2017/18, Professor Dr. Andreas Fügener will offer the online lecture "Introduction to Business Administration" for the second time as part of the "Studium Integrale"-Courses. In the interview, he talks about his experiences he made with the first run of the course, as well as about the opportunities and limitations of a lecture, which is held online.

Mr. Professor Fügener, in the previous SS 2017 it was your first time giving the online lecture called "Introduction to Business Administration", which is addressed to "non-business students". In the upcoming WS 2017/18 you will offer the online lecture again. What are you experiences from the first run?

The experiences of the first run are very positive. We got more than 100 registrations and almost all of the active participants passed the course successfully. The course relies on voluntariness and commitment. Everybody who is eager to learn has the opportunity to use the videos, e-books, exercises, and a podcast covering a practical application. Many students studied very independently, used the possibilities and learned a lot from the course.

What feedback did you get from the students?

The students appreciate to work flexibly regarding time and location. The way the course is structured fits very well to the student’s expectations. But I still need time to get used to the fact that the communication with the students through videos is quite one-sided and you as the lecturer do not get direct feedback. However, I obtained individual feedback from students through various questionnaires. This was very revealing and helps us for the upcoming semesters.

Did you revise the content for the upcoming course?

We are still gaining feedback – except for minor details, nothing has changed. A partial revision of the course is planned for 2018.

The online lecture does not require prior knowledge and consists of 5 modules: strategy, finance, marketing, processes and personnel management.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Fügener

As from August 30, 2017, students can apply again. WiSo students can also attend the online lecture, but they cannot collect ECTS credits. In general terms: Which students are eligible for the online lecture?

The course is addressed to participants who want to get to know the basics of business administration, a basic understanding of how a company works and how to deal with some tools from business administration. The online lecture does not require prior knowledge, and consists of 5 modules: strategy, finance, marketing, processes, and personnel management. For WiSo students from the first and second semester, the course can be interesting to get a quick overview of many areas that can be deepened in their studies later.

What are the limitations of an online lecture?

The disadvantages of an online lecture appear wherever a direct interaction between students and lecturers is needed. In addition, it is even more important for students to motivate themselves, since they are no more bound to fixed hours like in courses with mandatory attendance. Furthermore, the communication between students is more difficult, since they do not have to be encountered.

What is your preliminary conclusion of the online lecture?

My preliminary conclusion is that online lectures can be an exciting expansion of the teaching portfolio. As the preparation is highly time-consuming, an online lecture, in my opinion, is more worthwhile for lectures with a high number of participants. A link between online and offline elements is also an interesting way.

Are there online lectures planned on further topics?

Personally, my time is fully engaged giving this online lecture. But I would appreciate it, if there will be similar projects in the future. I am gladly available for discussions and exchange of experiences with interested colleagues.

Interview: Sarah Brender


Registration for the online lecture "Introduction to Business Administration"

The registration in KLIPS 2.0 will be open in the second enrollment period (as from 30.08.2017). More information can be found on the following page: "Online Lecture: Introduction to Business Administration"