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Master of Science

Master Sociology - Social and Economic Psychology

Programme Structure and Organisation

Here you will find detailed information on the structure of the Master's programme and helpful links to organise your studies.

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You can also find this tabular overview in the Module Catalogue for the M.Sc. Sociology - Social and Economic Psychology.

From basic knowledge to your personal expert know-how

  • You will receive advanced training in sociology and become an expert in economic and social psychology: You will be introduced to psychometric methods, learn about strategic interactions, collective actions, social norms, organisational culture and job satisfaction as well as personal, situational and social influences on consumer behavior. You will also gain practical research experience within the research seminar – one of the highlights of the programme.
  • In addition, you will be presented with valuable opportunities to further develop your profile and prepare you for the labour market. You can choose modules from different areas of business administration and economics as well as from other social sciences.
  • Three basic courses in sociology equip you with state-of-the-art knowledge on contemporary societies and how to use sociological theory to understand the social world. You will also learn and practice advanced methods for analyzing cross-sectional data.
  • With your master’s thesis, you will complete your studies by applying the knowledge and skills you have acquired throughout the programme. You will then be ready to continue your career as an expert in your field.

Further details on the structure of the degree programme, such as course of study recommendations and module descriptions, can be found in the module catalogue.

Organising your Studies

Studying requires a high degree of self-organisation. Well-prepared and properly informed, you will manage your studies with ease. In the following, we have compiled links to helpful information, relevant tools and counselling centres for you.