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Programme Structure and Organisation

Here you will find detailed information on the structure of the Master's programme and helpful links to the organisation of the Master's programme in Political Science.

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You can also find this tabular overview in the Modul catalogue for the M.A. Political Science.

Emphasis on empirical-analytical training

The M.A. programme includes a module area “Political Science Research Methods”, which offers training in foundations of research methods, including research design and logic, qualitative methods, and quantitative and computational methods with the statistical software R.

In addition to these foundational methods courses, advanced research projects are offered, in which you apply advanced empir- ical research methods to current research questions in politics. For instance, past M.A. courses included training in quantitative text analysis, social media analysis, experiments and causal inference, process tracing, and qualitative comparative analysis.

The master’s thesis is written towards the end of the programme and can be research or practice oriented corresponding to your interest.

Further details on the structure of the degree programme, such as course of study recommendations and module descriptions, can be found in the module catalogue.

Organising your Studies

Studying requires a high degree of self-organisation. Well-prepared and properly informed, you will manage your studies with ease. In the following, we have compiled links to helpful information, relevant tools and counselling centres for you.