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Master of Science

Master Information Systems

Programme Structure and Organisation

Here you will find detailed information on the structure of the Master's programme and helpful links to the organisation of the Master's programme Information Systems.

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You can also find this tabular overview in the current Modul catalogue for the Master of Science Information Systems.

From basic knowledge to your personal expert know-how

  • Within this programme, the Core and Advanced Sections cover the theoretical and methodological basis. You can select between two major groups by choosing the modules Information Systems I & II and Digital Transformation or Information Systems and Environmental Sustainability, Analytics and Applications, and Digital Transformation and Innovation.
  • The Specialisation Section teaches major-specific basics and, in addition, advanced skills within the same area. While Computer Science is compulsory, you can also choose another from three areas.
  • The Supplementary Section serves as an additional section for developing a more specific profile–either by deepening and specialising or by diversifying knowledge. According to our interdisciplinary approach further modules from business administration as well as from social sciences or economics are available to students.
  • With the Master’s Thesis required for the successful completion of your studies, you underline the knowledge and skills you have personally acquired throughout the programme and are ready to continue your career as an expert in your field.

Further details on the structure of the degree programme, such as course of study recommendations and module descriptions, can be found in the module catalogue.

If you started your studies before 2021, please select the appropriate documents in the document overview.

Organising your Studies

Studying requires a high degree of self-organisation. Well-prepared and properly informed, you will manage your studies with ease. In the following, we have compiled links to helpful information, relevant tools and counselling centres for you.