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The application for our master's programmes takes place only via KLIPS.

  • Students of the UoC use their KLIPS account.
  • External applicants, please create a base account.
  • Please read our application instructions.
  • You can apply for up to three master's programmes per year.
  • Checking the KLIPS status is the responsibility of the applicants.

KLIPS status after the application review

The following statuses can be seen in the self-service view in KLIPS when you open the admission section:


Admission requirements are fulfilled (= participation in the further selection procedure)

If your application participates in the further admission procedure:

  • a green tick is displayed in front of the section submission of application
  • a green tick at formal admission requirements in the section admission
  • "not checked" at subject-related admission requirements (this status will only change in the event of admission; your application has nevertheless been completely checked, both formally and subject-related)


Admission criteria are not fulfilled  (= no participation in the further selection procedure)

If your application does not take part in the further selection procedure:

  • a red cross will be displayed in front of "formal entry requirements not met" in the admission section
  • the other statuses remain unchanged
  • In section result of the admission procedure, you can download the notification with your personal reason for rejection


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