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The Vicious Circle of Cynicism

According to new study results, being treated disrespectfully contributes to the development of a cynical view of…

Psychological Ownership can replace Material Ownership

New Study on the Sharing Economy

Prüfungen am Mo., 10. Februar 2020

Das Prüfungsamt informiert aufgrund Sturmtiefs "Sabine"

Did you know that many of the oldest-old succeed in staying engaged, but not all kinds of engagement promote well-being equally?

New results from the Representative Study NRW80+

"We trust in you": Bachelor- and Mastercelebration at the WiSo Faculty

Congratulations to our Bachelor and Master graduates!

Honorary Professorship for Dr Peter Linzbach

WiSo Dean Ulrich W. Thonemann awards honorary professorship to Dr Peter Linzbach

Ranking confirms Outstanding Research

Current results of the AIS Research Rankings: University of Cologne again on second place.

Understanding families better with FReDA

Federal government supports ISS joint research project.

Final of the founding ideas competition: "A true pitch firework"

Excellence Start-up Center of the start-up service GATEWAY starts

Cologne-Rotterdam Executive MBA Info Day

On Saturday, 15 February 2020 - Register now!