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Master in International Management

Core and advanced category

No elective modules

Specialisation category

No elective modules

Supplementary category

You commit yourself to the corresponding module by not appearing for the module examination or by passing or failing it. It is possible to change a fixed module to which you have not appeared or which you have not passed once.

Please note that this option is only available once in the entire supplementary area. The application to change a module should therefore be well considered. It is no longer possible to change a module if it has not been passed for the second time. It is also not possible to change a passed module.

In KLIPS 2.0, for technical reasons, a determination is already made after the first registration for an examination. Even if you deregister from this examination within the specified period, this technical determination will not be cancelled. If you would like to register for an examination in another module instead after such a registration and deregistration, you must first apply for the cancellation of this determination.

You can only register for a different module examination once the original specification has been cancelled by the Examinations Office. Therefore, please submit your application at least seven working days before you wish to register for the new examination. If the application is received late by the Examinations Office, it may not be possible to register for the new module examination. In this context, please pay particular attention to the deadline for registering for the new module examination.