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Information Systems

The Institute is a member of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences of the University of Cologne. The lecturers of the CIIS provide teaching services on an equal footing with research in the Bachelor's and Master's programmes operated by the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences as well as in postgraduate continuing education, including the Cologne Business School.

The following topics are the focus of the research, the teaching and the transfer of the Cologne Institute:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • data-based business models
  • data science and business analytics
  • social (media) network analysis and network sciences
  • digital business start-ups
  • business informatics and sustainability
  • energy economics and politics
  • business process management and digital transformation
  • system development and project management
  • IT outsourcing and cloud computing

With the recently completed new appointments, the Cologne Information Systems Master offers three main areas of study in an updated profile:

  • Business Analytics and Data Science
  • Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Digital Sustainable Society