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Studying Health Economics

Proceeding from the relevant players in the health care sector (managers, politicians, physicians, etc.), this branch of study aims to communicate an interdisciplinary understanding of the diverse elements involved. It is thus based on the following three strata: the entrepreneurial level (business administration perspective); the systemic level (politico-economic and socio-political perspective) and the patient level (medical perspective).

Building on this knowledge, students are familiarized with the use of economic tools required for decision-making processes, i.e. their support (e.g. through information procurement and processing, or impact analysis), their formation (e.g. through the generation of alternatives) or their implementation (e.g. through project management).

The study programme is thus organized in cooperation with the Faculty of Medicine and covers all fundamental and advanced subject areas of business administration and economics as well as the social and political sciences in keeping with the highest national and international scientific standards.

Courses in Health Economics are managed via  ILIAS and KLIPS