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Marc Fischer

Marc Fischer - Chair for Marketing and Market Research

Research focuses

Marketing Performance Management, Brand Management, Optimization of Marketing Mix, Ressource allocation, Market Research

Curriculum vitae

  • Since 2014  - International senior faculty at the University of Technology, Sydney, Business School
  • Since 2011 Director of the Chair of Marketing and Market Research. 
  • 2007-2010 Professor of Marketing and Services at the University of Passau.
  • 2006 habilitation from the University of Kiel, Germany.
  • 2001 doctoral degree from the University of Mannheim, Germany
  • 2011 VHB Best Paper Award
  • 2009 - 2010 ISMS-MSI Practice Prize
  • 2010 Finalist for the Franz Edelman Award competition for achievements in operations research.
  • 2004 Erich Gutenberg Prize for leading emerging researchers
  • 2001 - 2002 Associate at McKinsey & Company.
  • Memberships advisory council at Marketing Accountability Standards Board (MASB), Chicago, advisory board member at YouGov (Cologne), cpi Celebrity Performance (Berlin), the Scientific Center for Brand Management and Marketing (Hamburg), department editor for marketing of the journal Business Research, and co-editor of the journal Die Betriebswirtschaft (Business Administration Review).

Selected publications

  • Fischer, Marc and Himme, Alexander (2017), „The financial brand value chain: How brand investments contribute to the financial health of firms“, International Journal of Research in Marketing (34 (1), 137-153).
  • Edeling, Alexander and Fischer, Marc (2016), „Marketing’s Impact on Firm Value: Generalizations from a Meta-Anlaysis“, Journal of Marketing Research, 53 (4), 515-534. [Finalist for the Paul E. Green Award 2017].
  • Spann, Martin, Marc Fischer, and Gerard J. Tellis (2015), "Skimming or Penetration? Strategic Dynamic Pricing for New Products", Marketing Science, 34 (2), 235-249.
  • Fischer, Marc, Shin Hyun, and Dominique M. Hanssens (2015), „Brand Performance Volatility from Marketing Spending“, Management Science, 62 (1), 197-215.
  • Himme, Alexander and Marc Fischer (2014), "Drivers of the Cost of Capital: The Joint Role of Non-financial Metrics", International Journal of Research in Marketing, 31(2), 224-238.
  • Clement, Michel, Steven Wu, and Marc Fischer (2014), "Empirical Generalizations of Demand and Supply Dynamics for Movies", International Journal of Research in Marketing, 31(2), 207-223.
  • Fischer, Marc, Sönke Albers, Nils Wagner, and Monika Frie (2011), "Dynamic Marketing Budget Allocation across Countries, Products, and Marketing Activities", Marketing Science, 30 (4), 568-585. [Winner of the 2009-2010 ISMS-MSI Practice Prize competition].
  • Fischer, Marc, Franziska Völckner, and Henrik Sattler (2010), "How Important Are Brands? A Cross-category, Cross-country Study", Journal of Marketing Research, 47 (October), 823-839. [Winner of the VHB Best Paper Award 2011, finalist for the Robert D. Buzzell MSI Best Paper Award 2011].
  • Fischer, Marc and Sönke Albers (2010), "Patient- or Physician-Oriented Marketing: What Drives Primary Demand for Prescription Drugs?", Journal of Marketing Research, 47 (February), 103-121. [Finalist for the VHB Best Paper Award 2010].