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Advice and service in one place

WiSo Student Service Point (WiSSPo)

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  • Nico, Bachelor Business Administration

    "The WiSSPo offers excellent services. During a CV-Check, professionals provide help with resume design. And at the reception you can easily pick up a certified Transcript of Records or receive help with the credit portals."

  • Manuel, Economics

    "The WiSo Student Service Point always provides an advisor for my student problems right around the corner. This has made it easier for me to navigate my way through my studies."

  • Linda, Bachelor Social Sciences

    "By visiting WiSSPo, I was able to get help with my request quickly and easily."

  • Marcel, Bachelor Economics

    "Having a central information centre is a great advantage, because all questions that arise during one’s studies can be answered quickly."

First point of contact for WiSo students and prospective students

The WiSo Student Service Point (WiSSPo) is your first, central point of contact for questions about studying at the WiSo faculty and bundles WiSo services and advice in one place. This also includes questions about examination matters that were previously answered at the Examinations Office reception and are now also answered at the WiSo Student Service Point. Are you a WiSo student or interested in studying at the WiSo faculty? If so, you will find information and advice on all aspects of studying at the WiSo faculty.

Do you need information immediately? We have compiled the answers to common questions in the FAQs.

Current contact details

Note: Changes in the current service and consulting offer

We are pleased to inform you that we can finally welcome you personally - under certain conditions - at the WiSo Student Service Point (WISSPo) again. With the start of face-to-face teaching for winter semester 21/22, we will again be personally available on site at the WiSSPo from 04.10.2021.
The reception in WiSSPo 1 (A | room 0.305) is accessible during our opening hours, a maximum of 2 people may enter at the same time.
Personal study advisory is only available with a prior appointment booking. You will find the necessary links further down on the website.

As part of infection control measures, please consider a personal visit or personal counselling only in necessary cases. We still offer all services (issuing of documents, consultations, questions about studies, etc.) by e-mail and telephone. We definitely want to avoid a large accumulation of people waiting in front of the office in view of the infection situation.

We are still here for you and are happy to support you in successfully completing your studies.


You are welcome to contact us with your request by e-mail using our contact form. You will then immediately receive an automatically generated reply. If you do not receive it, your request has not been received by our system. Please check the s-mail address that you entered for correctness. Please note: If you are a UoC student and do not send the enquiry from your s-mail address, the enquiry cannot be answered for reasons of data protection. Please therefore use your s-mail address only.

We are available by telephone at +49 (0)221-470-8818 during our telephone consultation hours from: Mon - Fri 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.  &.  Mon - Thu 2:00 - 3:30 p.m.

Changed telephone consultation hours: On Friday, 1 October 2021, the telephone consultation will already end at 2:30 p.m.

Reception opening hours for service and brief information:
Mon - Thurs: 9:15 am - 4:30 p.m.
Fr: 9:15 am - 12 pm
Video - how to get to the WiSSPo

Personal study advisory:
From 04.10.2021, we will again offer personal on-site counselling, but only with prior appointment booking.
Appointments can be booked via the links below and are subject-specific.
Before your personal appointment with us, please be sure to read the information below on the on-site procedure. In doing so, you will help us to safely implement the personal consultation on site.

What do we offer at WiSSPo?

Personal advice on site - links to book appointment

Digital solutions for our services:

How to contact the WiSo Examination Office?
We can already clarify many questions - including specific examination matters - with you at the WiSSPo. Therefore, you should first contact us by s-mail or telephone. If it is not possible to clarify your concern, we will take over communication with the Examinations Office for you. We are in close contact with our colleagues and will then send you a concrete response to your s-mail address.
For some concerns, however, a written application may be necessary. We will forward this as a PDF attachment and you will receive a telephone or written response directly from the colleagues in the Examinations Office. The Examinations Office itself can only be contacted by post or fax.