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WiWo Ranking 2021 WiSo in excellent positions

WiSo Faculty can confirm 2020 rankings also in 2021

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Photo: paseidon / pixabay

For WirtschaftsWoche's university ranking, human resources managers at German companies are asked in cooperation with the consulting firm Universum which universities they think are the best. The question is: Which university educates students best for your needs? From a list of all universities, they can choose the ones whose graduates meet their expectations the most. Several universities can be named per subject. Because of the strong practical relevance, the ranking focuses on business-related subjects such as business administration, mechanical engineering, computer science or law.

At the end of May, WirtschaftsWoche published this year's personnel ranking. The WiSo Faculty is ranked third in Business Administration, just behind the University of Munich (LMU), and is thus able to maintain its outstanding ranking position of the previous year.
In Business Information Systems, the University of Cologne occupies 6th place as in the previous year (just behind the 5th placed TU Dresden).
In economics the University of Cologne -and thus implicitly the WiSo Faculty - reaches 4th place with a ranking value of 18.1%. The University of Frankfurt am Main is only a hair's breadth away with 3rd place at 18.4%.

Prof. Ulrich Thonemann sees the excellent ranking positions as confirmation of WiSo's future-oriented course “We have redesigned our entire portefolio of study programmes to target that even better to the demands of the employers” says the WiSo Dean.