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Long-term Career-Impact: Prof. Dr Reinartz

#wisoimpact – Reinartz top quoted economist

Prof. Dr. Reinartz smiling, in front of the WiSo Faculty logo

To measure the visibility and influence of a scientist, citations are probably the most widely used and recognised means in the world. Citation metrics can be created in a variety of ways, but comparison across disciplines is highly desirable. Standardised databases, such as those developed by Stanford scientists John Ioannidis, Jeroen Baas and Kevin Boyack, provide a remedy.

The most comprehensive database to date lists 100,000 top scientists in various scientific disciplines on the basis of standardised information on citations, the worldwide perception of a scientist (h-index), an index adjusted for co-authorship (hm index) and citations on works in various author positions. The data is based on Scopus (Elsevier), the world's most comprehensive citation database of academic literature with peer review process.

Almost 7 million researchers worldwide from 22 scientific fields and 176 sub-disciplines were considered. In the Stanford Ranking in the category of marketing scientists 2021, 11,636 researchers worldwide were included. Within this group, Prof. Dr Reinartz is one of the 2% of top researchers in the field of business & management worldwide. On a national level, WiSo-Prof. Dr Reinartz ranks place #6.

Prof. Dr Reinartz has been working for the Department of Trade & Customer Management at the University of Cologne since 2007 and he is also Director of the Institute for Retail Research (IFH e.V.), one of the largest applied research institutes of the WiSo Faculty. As spokesperson for the research initiative for "Digital Transformation and Value Creation", of the University of Cologne, he actively spoke out from 2015-2020 for interdisciplinary and international research in digital change.

We are very pleased to have such a globally recognised lecturer at our university!

Congratulations Prof. Dr Reinartz.