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The University of Cologne offers students in the Finance priority area a first-class education for the pursuit of a career in business management or academia. Our claim to exceptional quality in teaching and studies rests on a combination of excellent research and practice-related study programmes.

With its six professorships, the priority area of Finance furnishes a broad spectrum of research activities and manifold opportunities for specialization in investment and finance decision-making, corporate assessment as well as asset and risk management.

Senior Faculty

Prof. Dr. Thomas Hartmann-Wendels

Prof. Dr. Dieter Hess

Prof. Dr. Alexander Kempf

Prof. Dr. Heinrich Schradin

Junior Faculty

CFR- Juniorprofessor Dr. Peter Limbach

AOR Dr. Wolfgang Spörk

Department of Bank Management

AOR Dr. Alexander Pütz

Finance, Investmentfonds, Hedgefonds

Department of Business Administration and Finance