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"Try to be content with yourself and others will be content with you as well!"

New WiSoAlumni interview with Maximilian vom Eyser

WiSo Alumni Maximilian vom Eyser. Die Sonne scheint, Meer und Küste im Hintergrund.

Maximilian graduated from the WiSo in 2019 with a CEMS Master in International Management. He then started directly at Google as a Digital Growth Strategist and now has his office in the Irish city of Dublin.

"While it's always nice to surround yourself with like-minded people, it's usually new perspectives, different opinions and different experiences that make living abroad so exciting and diverse," he tells us in the interview. And thus, clearly emphasises how important a diverse exchange is for him. He also explains to us what it's like to work in a city like Dublin and an international company like Google. But also, what it was like for him to take the step abroad.

What other experiences Maximilian was able to gather, which social media channels he uses to keep up to date and what tips he would give students, you can read in the complete alumni interview on the WiSoAlumni website.

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