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Top position for the WiSo Faculty at the ARWU Ranking 2022

1st place in Sociology & Business Administration 2nd place in Management

The Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), better known as the Shanghai Ranking, publishes annually a list of the world’s leading universities. The ARWU is run by the Center for World-Class Universities (CWCU) of Shanghai’s Jiatong University. It examines the performance of more than 1,200 universities, using six indicators, i.a. publications, citations and science awards by alumni and staff. The top 500 universities are included in the ranking list.

In this year’s edition of the ARWU, we are top positioned in selected subject groups throughout Germany:

    #1 Sociology
    #1 Business Administration
    #2 Management

For five years in a row, the UoC has maintained first place for “Sociology” in the national ranking, and 35th place internationally. The UoC has again achieved an outstanding result for “Business Administration” – first in the national ranking, together with the University of Mannheim – and for “Management” – second in the national ranking, together with the University of Munich (LMU).

The excellent results show that the WiSo is at the forefront of today’s research and teaching, it brings its common vision to life. Ideas are generated that trigger new developments and advance theory and practice.