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Marketing Studies

The main goal of the marketing area is to offer our students academically sound and practically relevant Marketing training. In our curriculum, we provide them with theories as well as methods for analysis. These two components are essential as knowledge is likely to become obsolete when new and different problems arise, but theoretical frameworks will still remain applicable to the new context.

This means our training can be advantageous for a future career in management, as analytical thinking is a central requirement in many top positions. The courses are furthermore enriched by prestigious and practice-oriented talks and discussions held by industry experts.

In the course of your Marketing studies ...

  • You will study and apply methods and models for market-oriented business management

  • You will further train and develop your acquired skills by working through marketing simulations, solving problems in a team and assessing case studies
  • You will be able to participate in our diverse research activities as a part of your thesis (Diploma, Bachelor or Master) and witness how new marketing knowledge develops
  • You will benefit from our research collaborations with leading companies and various academic institutions in Germany and abroad
  • The Marketing-Area uses ILIAS and KLIPS to assist you with organizing your courses.