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Incoming Student Experiences

We welcome students from all over the world and do our best to make their experience unique and unforgettable. See what some of our past incoming students who spent a term at the Cologne WiSo Faculty have to say about their experience.

WiSo Incomings share their experiences

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  • Even though the ongoing pandemic hugely impacted my studies back in 2020 when I was a first year MA student in Italy, I never even considered cancelling my exchange experience. Despite the pandemic, I came to Cologne in summer 2021 and I am grateful for the given opportunity because I experienced how well organized and prepared the university was towards international exchange students despite the virtual setting. When the COVID regulations were lifted, I had more freedom to physically meet some of my Erasmus classmates and also to connect to other exchange students. So, even if my academic activities were fully  virtual, my social life was not!
  • Why did I choose to study in Cologne? I wanted to go to a German-speaking country and there was not one negative thing I’ve heard about this city or university. Since I’ve spent my 5. autumn semester here I arrived at the beginning of September, and it was the best decision I could’ve made from a lot of aspects. I had the chance to meet students from all over the world. The university also had a huge impact on our social lives, since, in their events organized by them, I made lifelong friendships which I will be forever grateful for. I thought about what else to say, but I couldn’t describe this semester with words. This is something everybody should live through once.
  • Although I grew up in Germany and probably know everything about it, you can never have seen and experienced enough in Germany. Cologne is an interesting, inviting city to study in, there are always new adventures. People in Cologne are known throughout Germany for their polite, friendly and helpful nature and this can be felt everywhere. The landscape is dominated by the beautiful cathedral and the Rhine, which cuts through the city, providing a cozy atmosphere for any activity. There are numerous restaurants, bars and clubs for those interested. Above all, Cologne is very well connected to other cities in the area and one should definitely take the opportunity to travel to the surrounding cities outside of Germany as well. There are beautiful castles all over the country and I would recommend hiking to some of these to anyone visiting the country. It was a great experience for me and I was able to get to know many people and get tips for my future job offers in Germany.
  • My experience at Universität zu Köln was amazing from the start. Coming from Brazil, I always knew that after completing my master's degree, I would try to find a job in Berlin or Munich, but my time in Cologne has totally changed my plans. I fell in love with the city and the people. My favorite aspects of the city are its chill vibe, its welcoming and open-minded people, and its vibrant energy. Some of my favorite evenings were spent at Rheinboulevard watching the sunset over the Rhine (picture), meeting with other students in Zülpicher, or having a drink at Schaafenstraße. Additionally, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia is spectacular, and the student card allows us to travel as much as we want for free, and there is a lot to do, from hiking trips to lovely villages to ski resorts. The professors and employees at the University were always helpful and encouraging, and the lectures themselves were very interesting and engaging. Finally, near the end of my studies, when I realized I wanted to stay in the city, I started looking for a job here and am thrilled that I've got an offer. The Incomings Team was really helpful and supportive throughout my time here and I am grateful for their assistance in so many ways.
  • I really treasured my time in Germany as I’ve gained a lot from this experience. During the semester in Cologne, I had the opportunity to participate in many activities. From joining events offered by the uni and enjoying lots of delicious cuisines, to travelling around the NRW region with our student card and visiting authentic Christmas markets. Not only did I make new lifelong friends and totally immersed myself in the German culture, but in terms of an academic perspective, I had the opportunity to learn and adapt to different teaching methods and practices. This experiential and practical approach to learning enabled me to develop new learning habits that I still use when I’m back at my home university. This truly was a fruitful and unique experience.