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CEMS Corporate and Career

As one of the founding members of CEMS – The Global Alliance in Management Education, the University of Cologne has helped to shape the CEMS Alliance and made significant contributions to the growth of the CEMS corporate partner network. Cologne CEMS students enjoy exclusive access to a wide variety of networks, including a wide range of local social and corporate partners who directly support the Cologne CEMS curriculum.


Newest member school in CEMS Alliance: Universidad de los Andes

Newest member school in CEMS Alliance: Universidad de los Andes

Check out the new opportunities for University of Cologne students
 Leading for the Future of Our Planet

Leading for the Future of Our Planet

CEMS faculty members and Corporate Partners set out recommendations for globally responsible leaders, educators and young professionals.
CEMS Business Project of the Year 2022/23

CEMS Business Project of the Year 2022/23

We congratulate Carmen Pölking and Elisabeth Williams, two CEMS students at UoC. Their CEMS business projects have been chosen as "Business Project of the Year" by the CEMS Community.

The Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences (WiSo Faculty) cultivates close relationships with national and international businesses. For information on the WiSo Faculty's general cooperation arrangements with the business community, please visit the website of the WiSo Career Service.

The Faculty also has corporate partners under the CEMS network and works with them to organise CEMS business projects, which are coordinated by the International Relations Center. To learn more about the CEMS corporate partnerships and the key services provided, please contact our CEMS Corporate Relations Manager, Christa Leenen-Poser.

Internships available with our corporate partners

Check out the current internships available with many of our corporate partners.

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PIM & CEMS Student and Alumni Club Cologne

The PIM&CEMS Student and Alumni Club Cologne e.V. is an independent association of students and graduates (alumni) of the international study programmes at the WiSo Faculty at the University of Cologne.

The PIM&CEMS Club has made it its mission to create a network that brings together its members and to maintain that network through various activities. We also seek to help incoming students integrate in Cologne by providing extensive support.

With over 1,700 members, the PIM&CEMS Club is one of the largest international networks of its kind in Germany. The PIM&CEMS Club aims to achieve the following goals:

  • Support intercultural understanding between students and alumni of diverse nationalities
  • Develop and maintain an international network of students and alumni
  • Support contact and knowledge-sharing between students and alumni
  • Facilitate advanced education and training for members in cooperation with our official sponsors and other corporate partners

For more information, please take a look at the website of the PIM&CEMS Club.

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CEMS Alumni Association

The CEMS Alumni Association's (CAA) vision is to become one of the top respected, influential and valuable alumni networks in the world for and in cooperation with over 16,000 alumni of 111 nationalities, 70+ Corporate Partners, 8 Social Partners, 33 Schools and 1,000+ students studying the CEMS MIM degree each year.

The CAA was founded in 1993, as a non-profit association.Since its creation, the CAA has become an inclusive, dynamic and powerful organisation by pursuing the following goal:

"To connect Alumni to CEMS and to each other, provide valued services to members, and to support the CEMS purpose."

The CAA is the representative body of the global CEMS alumni community, the largest stakeholder group in the CEMS Global Alliance in Management Education.It is also the coordinative body of 200+ active CEMS alumni board member volunteers around the world.Organised on a multi-country basis, the CAA is globally led by a CAA President and several board members, whom are alumni volunteers, along with the CEMS Executive Director and one Student Board representative. The CAA is present in numerous countries through Local Chapters (LCs).Today there are 35+ LCs worldwide, in 5 continents.In addition, a growing number of Alumni connect with each other through Global Groups, such as CEMS Entrepreneurs. The CAA organises unforgettable local, regional/ global professional and social events for the CEMS community around the world.

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120 future business leaders from 8 business schools and more than 30 countries met in Cologne on 12–14 May 2023 for the 15th edition of the simulation of UN climate negotiations.

This unique educational initiative has the official backing of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

Students worked together to obtain a consensus around ambitious strategies to implement the global objective of maintaining climate change below 2 degrees, the point of reference agreed in Paris.

It was a unique opportunity for our students to learn and develop the needed skills to face one of the most urgent social problems of our time: the science, the evolving policies and the role of companies in dealing and contributing to climate change challenges.

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