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Programme Structure

Study Integrals - B.Sc. Business Administration (ER 2007)

Study Integrals – Business Administration

(At least) 12 credit points are required for the Studium Integrale. Here, the modules are concerned with methods, learning and social competences. Above all, students can acquire skills in the areas of language, information technology (IT) or gain practical experience.

Students can select modules for the Studium Integrale at the WiSo Faculty or choose from a selection of courses from other faculties. Modules on offer include events and courses with emphasis on skills training (IT courses, application training, rhetoric, etc.), study aids (introduction to academic work), a wide range of language courses (beginners to advanced) and other cross-faculty events (e.g. lecture series).

A complete overview of what is currently available for bachelor students in the Studium Integrale at the WiSo Faculty can be found in the course catalogue in KLIPS. Please note that a number of Faculties use the first KLIPS registration period for modules in the Studium Integrale!

Please also consider the preconditions for the transfer of collected credit points (such as the required type of examination etc.) in the Studium Integrale. The regulations are summarised in a PDF information sheet.