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Programme Structure

Minor in Economics - B.Sc. Business Administration (ER 2007)

Minor in Economics

In the Bachelor in Business Administration, Economics is taken as a minor.

Modules allocated to the minor in Economics are listed in the following table:

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Type of exam

Regular cycle


C / E

Must CP

Grundzüge der MikroökonomikWT (90) FT/ST8 CPC8 CP
Grundzüge der MakroökonomikWT (90) FT/ST8 CPC8 CP
WirtschaftsgeschichteWT (60) FT/ST8 CPE







16 CP

Mikroökonomik (Spieltheorie und Industrieökonomik)
WT (90) FT/ST8 CPE
Internationale und monetäre ÖkonomikWT (90) FT/ST8 CPE
WirtschaftspolitikWT (90) FT/ST8 CPE
FinanzwissenschaftWT (90) FT8 CPE
Growth, Education and Inequality A
WT (60) FT/ST8 CPE
Growth, Education and Inequality BWT (60) FT/ST8 CPE
Introduction to Energy Markets and Regulation1

WT, Essay/Presentation/


Recht für VolkswirteWT (60) FT/ST8 CPE
Quantitative Methoden WT (60) FT/ST8 CPE

1Examinations within this module can be taken with regard to the course catalogue in the winter semester 2015/16 for the first time. To register for the exam is not possible if the exam for the module "Energy Markets and Regulation" within the Electives "Energiewirtschaftslehre" has successfully been taken.