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Programme Structure

Methods and Related Subjects - B.Sc. Business Administration (ER 2007)

Methods and Related Subjects – Business Administration

Fundamental methods and related subjects of Business Administration and Economics include ‘Mathematical Methods’, ‘Statistics’, ‘Fundamentals of Accounting’ and economically relevant areas of law.

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Type of exam

Regular cycle


C / E

Must CP

Mathematical MethodsWT (90)FT/ST4 CPC4 CP
Fundamentals of AccountingWT (60)FT/ST4 CPC4 CP
Descriptive and Economic Statistics (Statistics A)WT (90)FT/ST6 CPC6 CP
Propability and Statistical Inference (Statistics B)WT (90)FT/ST6 CPC6 CP
Civil Property Law1WT (60)FT/ST4 CPE

8 CP

Commercial and Corporate Law1 WT (60)FT/ST4 CPE
Aspects of Public Law2 WT (60)FT4 CPE

1 This module will be obligatory by Fall term 2015/16.

2Examinations within this module can just be taken with regard to the course catalogue in the summer semester 2015 ultimately.

Please note:

The module ‘Civil Property Law’ may be taken in the first half of term and ‘Commercial and Corporate Law’ in the second half of term (mid-term regulation).



Compulsory modules in the subject area ‘Methods and Related Subjects’ should be completed within the first two terms. In order to meet the maths requirements for a bachelor degree in an economics subject, we recommend taking the voluntary preparatory course ‘Mathematical Methods’ at the beginning of term, depending on the student’s level of knowledge. The Online Maths Test allows you to assess your mathematical knowledge and skills, and compare them with the requirements of the WiSo Faculty. Follow the link: (in German) Use the ‚Search‘ function and enter ‘Mathe Schulwissen testen’ (‘Maths skills test’).

The module ‘Mathematical Methods’ should be taken prior to or at least in parallel to ‘Introductory Microeconomics’. Furthermore, the module ‘Fundamentals of Accounting’ should be taken prior to or in parallel to the module ‘Financial Accounting’ of the major.

The module ‘Descriptive and Economic Statistics (Statistics A)’ should be taken prior to the module ‘Probability and Statistical Inference (Statistics B)’. In order to be better prepared for the elective module ‘Commercial and Corporate Law’, we recommend completing the module ‘Civil Property Law’ beforehand.

For advice on modules for the first two terms which takes the above mentioned into account, please visit the Documents and Media page.