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Bachelor Thesis - B.Sc. Business Administration (ER 2007)

Bachelor Thesis – Business Administration

The bachelor thesis demonstrates a student’s ability to work independently on a scientific problem and make use of academic methods within a given deadline. The bachelor thesis can be related to subject areas from the major or minor, methods and related subjects, or electives. Students need to have been awarded at least 90 credit points to be able to register their bachelor thesis with the Faculty. The thesis must be submitted within 9 weeks of the agreed start date, which is equivalent to 360 study hours and the number of credit points awarded for the thesis. The thesis must not exceed 40 pages. Students must register their bachelor thesis within one year of having been awarded all the credit points for their chosen modules.


The bachelor thesis should reflect the focus of your particular course of studies. You should be familiar with the scientific method and academic work. There are possibilities for preparing seminar papers or giving presentations in seminars, or for taking modules from the Studium Integrale (for example ‘Writing Reports and Seminar Papers’. Subjects for bachelor theses in Business Administration are assigned via KLIPS. For further information regarding the assignment of subjects please click here