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Complaint management of the Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Science

The WiSo-Faculty has an organised system for arrangements to attend to complaints or individual problems of students.

Contact options

There are two contact points where students can express complaints, problems or general feedback. First, the WiSo Student Service, which operates as the official information center of the faculty and takes care of any request of the student body. As it is closely connected to the Programme Management and the Examination Office solutions can usually be found quickly. Students can contact the WiSo Student Service by e-mail, telephone, or personally at the office on campus. Every concern is treated discretely at the student request.

Secondly, students can contact the WiSo Students Union. Especially when referring to personal problems with teachers, this offer is sometimes felt as more low-threshold, as problems are only discussed “student by student”.

Both contact points are interconnected, so the respective counterpart can be contacted if deemed necessary. 

Problem solving

As soon as the WiSo Student Service is confronted with an issue, the problem solving process starts. Usually, three different options are available:

  1. The problem can be solved immediately with the help of an advisor. This can be in a one-to-one talk, where the advisor might offer an alternative option to plan the studies, or clarifies the situation after consulting a responsible office (e.g. Examination Office, Registrar’s office). If the WiSo Student Service is not the appropriate entity to solve the problem, advisors might refer students to the right office, so the student can directly contact them (e.g. the International Relations Center).
  2. The problem cannot be solved immediately in a consultation and is processed to the responsible institution (e.g. Programme Management) to be dealt with. As soon as possible, a solution will be found and communicated to the student. Waiting time averages 3-5 workdays, dependent on the request.
  3. The request concerns a general problem, which cannot be solved immediately by consultation. In those cases, the problem is communicated to a higher authority (e.g. “Studienreformkommission” or “Engere Fakultät”) upon consultation of the Programme Management. After escalation the result will be communicated to the student as well. This option has an average waiting time of a few weeks.


Anyhow, students should never hesitate to adress problems and give feedback, because only with this information we can kep on working to improve the study  programmes.

Process of Complaint management


The following graphic shows the process when feedback comes in:

Complaint Management structure of the WiSo-Faculty

The Suggestions and Complaints Office

The Suggestions and Complaints Office (SCO) is a superordinate contact point for students of the University of Cologne. Its mission is to collect and process inquiries and requests, for example complaints, overarching issues and suggestion for the improvement of teaching and studies. It is an additional service offer for students outside the structures of the Faculties and the university administration.