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The WiSo Faculty Dean’s List – the award for excellent students

In the summer semester of 2009 the Dean of the WiSo Faculty officially presented the Dean’s Award to the top 5 and 10 per cent of students of the first Bachelor year. This form of recognition of excellent academic work has now been widened to include the Master degrees and is awarded each semester. The first students on the Dean’s List have already graduated and have successfully entered professional life.


Registration Dean's Award event

You have been selected and got an invitation by the faculty?

Please register via our career database for the event.

Procedure and criteria (as of 22.09.2015):

The selection for the award usually takes place on 15th November and 1st June. Should these dates fall on a Sunday or a bank holiday, the selection will take place on the next working day.

Our selection leans on the ranking list of the Examination Office draws up a ranking list for all students for whom the preceding term was their
•    3rd term on a bachelor programme or
•    2nd term on a master programme.
The reference group is all students of the same degree programme who were in an ongoing examination procedure in the previous semester in the same  course-related semester. The best 10% of this reference group with a minimum grade of 1,9*.

Calculation method

A student’s ranking is based on their academic progress, average mark and the number of credit points accumulated by the cut-off date. The total points include all examination performances including those recognised, waived or passed.

The current average grade is calculated in accordance with the requirements of § 18 Para. 6 and 7 of the Bachelor's and Master's examination regulations.

From the average grade and the total points, a value is calculated that takes into account the grade and the progress of the course:

- Ranking value (Bachelor) = average grade - (points achieved/60)
- Ranking value (Master) = average grade - (points achieved/40).

For the Dean’s List the additional criteria is the minimum grade of 1,9.*

*exception: The minimum grade of 2,4 applies for the Bachelor Wirtschaftsinformatik.

Regardless of the above, every student can request a ranking certificate from the Examinations Office 

If you have any questions about the Dean’s List, please don’t hesitate to contact the WiSo Career Service (].