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Cologne offers students and visitors an exciting mix of education, culture and entertainment. The multifaceted cultural scene comprises museums, art exhibitions, theatre and cinema, but also the world-famous Cologne Carnival as well as music and sports events.

With a population of about one million, Cologne is not only the fourth-biggest city in Germany – its location in the heart of Europe also makes it a major point of intersection for trade and commerce, hence an attractive economic location.

The University of Cologne is a city university in a twofold sense – it was founded by the citizens and its campus is situated right in the urban centre.

  • For more information on student life in the City of Cologne as well as event previews, please visit the websites “KölnTourismus“ oder der “Stadt Köln“.
  • The Cologne University website furnishes additional information on housing, leisure activities, and assistance for students with a disability or students with children, as well as maps and floor plans for auditoriums and lecture rooms.
  • A cost-free service brochure “Studieren in Köln” published by the Kölner Studierendenwerk is available in all cafeterias run by the Studierendenwerk. The brochure provides a host of useful information, tips and addresses for newcomers to the city, and helps freshmen get started on their studies.

Impressions: Cologne and Campus

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  • Studierende vor dem WiSo-Gebäude
  • Modulbau bei der Bibliothek: Grüne Idylle auf dem Campus Köln
  • Clarenbachkanal: Idylle nahe dem Campus in Köln
  • Skyline Köln
  • Studierende im Gespräch auf der Uniwiese
  • Studierende im Gespräch in der WiSo-Cafebar

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University Sports

  • In cooperation with the German Sport University, Cologne University offers a broad range of sports activities. For the programme, click here.
  • UniFit: the training centre for students and staff.

Student Initiatives

Campus life at the WiSo Faculty is highly dynamic and includes a large variety of independent student initiatives. These run in all directions in pursuit of differing objectives, but always have to do with studies or the Faculty. Thus there are student groups such as AEGEE, i.e. the European Students’ Forum, or the WiSo Student Association. At University level, the General Student Committee (AStA) is a self-governing body of student representatives. Whether you are interested in internships, congress organization or subject-related events – student associations provide innumerable opportunities for gaining practical experience or joining beneficial networks.

A list of most student groups and associations, along with other student organizations can be found here.