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Creating your schedule

To create your schedule, proceed as follows:

  1. The first thing you do is look at the sample study plan for your degree programme, which you can find in the module catalogue (ER 2021).
  2. There you can see which modules are recommended for the first semester (usually 4-5 modules).
    Note: Some modules consist of several courses, e.g. lecture+exercise+tutorial.
  3. Now log into KLIPS with your s-mail data.
    Note: You received your s-mail data from the Student's Registration Office when you enrolled. You can only register for courses and examinations in student status with your s-mail data (and no longer with your private mail address). You can find information on the first steps in KLIPS here.
  4. On your business card, select the tab "study status", via which you now take the modules that are recommended for you in the first semester according to the sample study plan.
    Note: Please only ever use this section for course enrolment, as this will only show you the courses that you are actually allowed to attend. Do not use the free search for the courses.
  5. Each course in a module (lecture, exercise, tutorial) must be booked individually in KLIPS. If, e.g., only a lecture is offered, but no tutorial or exercise, then these will not be offered at the time of registration.
  6. Prioritise the courses you have taken, here you will find short video tutorials on the topics of enrolment, prioritisation and exam registration.
    Note: We recommend that you choose several tutorials per module and then also prioritise them. As the places per tutorial are very limited, you have a better chance if you choose more than one.
  7. Please be sure to not miss the KLIPS enrolment periods. Only in these periods can the modules for the coming semester be taken. As a rule, this is the 2nd KLIPS enrolment phase. In the 1st enrolment phase, mainly seminars and Bachelor theses are taken. Please have a look at the overview of the courses to be taken at the end of the lecture period, which the WiSo KLIPS team has compiled for you here (list of available WiSo events). In the allocation of remaining places (3rd KLIPS enrolment period), you can still take courses at the beginning of your studies where there are still free places. The dates of the enrolment phases for WiSe 21/22 are listed here.
  8. The timetable is created after all courses have been taken in KLIPS: Courses in which you have received a place are automatically transferred to your timetable. This can be viewed in KLIPS via the calendar application. In the settings of the timetable, you can specify whether courses for which you are on the waiting list should also be displayed for planning purposes (this option also includes courses for which you have submitted enrolment requests).

Video tutorial for schedule creation

Video tutorial with all steps to create your individual timetable via KLIPS 2.0.