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Semester of leave due to internship

Conditions of Issuance

A prerequisite for the eligibility of the semester of leave due to an internship is that the duration of at least three months within the planned semester of leave can be proven in writing (e.g. by copy of contract, separate certificate of the employer...). The required three months can also be fulfilled by completing several short internships.

The WiSo faculty advocates a semester of leave through internships once in the degree programme (1x Bachelor and 1x Master). In addition, as a rule, no examinations or course work can be completed during a semester of leave.

Please also note that you cannot apply for a semester off due to an internship in the 1st semester. By the way, the number of semesters is not listed on your official transcript. Students from non-EU countries should first contact the International Office.


If you fulfil the above mentioned requirements, please submit the following documents:

It is best to submit the documents as follows:

Important note:

Please submit the documents to the WiSo Student Service Point by 10.03. (semester of leave for the summer term) or 10.09. (semester of leave for winter term) so that the signed application can be submitted to the Student's Registration Office by the deadline of 31 March or 30 September respectively. Once the application has been processed, we will contact you so that you can send it to the Student's Registration Office.