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Semester on Leave for Internship/s

Conditions of Issuance

The prerequisite for endorsement is that the applicant can submit written proof of an internship period of, as a rule, four months within the planned semester on leave, e.g. by presenting a copy of the pertinent contract. This criterion is also fulfilled by the completion of several internships.

The Faculty endorses a semester on leave for internship/s once during a student’s course of studies; hence, repeated issuance of the Certificate is not permitted. During a semester on leave, students cannot take any exams or attain other achievements at the WiSo Facult. Please note: the amount of semesters is not stated on your official degree certificate.


If you fulfil the requirements for endorsement, please submit the following documents:

  • Confirmation in writing by the employer as regards the duration of your internship
  • Filled-in pertinent application form of the Student Admissions Office
  • Copy of your student ID
  • Your contact data (address, phone number, e-mail address)
  • Filled in form PDF ”Acknowledgement of Basic Conditions

It is best to submit the documents as follows:

  • As a PDF attachment via the WiSSPo contact form - reason for request: certificate
  • by post (postal address)
  • by dropping it in the WiSSPo letterbox (visitor address, not possible during Corona)
  • in person during WiSSPo opening hours (not possible during Corona)

Important note:

Please submit the documents to the WiSo Student Service Point by 10.03. (semester of leave for the summer term) or 10.09. (semester of leave for winter term) so that the signed application can be submitted to the Student's Registration Office by the deadline of 31 March or 30 September respectively.

Once the application has been processed, we will contact you so that it can be sent to the Student's Registration Office. Students from non-EU countries should first contact the International Office.