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Letter of Evaluation

Core Specification

At this point, the WiSo Course Guidance Centre informs students of the Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences (WiSo Faculty) about the necessary steps and the documents required to obtain a professor’s appraisal in a so-called Letter of Evaluation.

Please note that the issuance of the Letter takes at least two to three weeks.


Please fill in the Evaluation Form

  1. with your personal particulars (Part I), making sure these are complete; Part II of the form is processed by the evaluator.
  2. Claim your transcript of grades and a ranking certificate from the Examination Office of the WiSo Faculty; these are handed out directly upon presentation of your exam ID (please observe opening hours). You can also phone and arrange to have the documents sent to you by post under the address you provided to the Office.
  3. Then forward the filled-in Evaluation Form (Part I), along with your transcript and the ranking certificate, to your evaluator (professor), preferably by e-mail
  4. The staff of the chair in question will contact you as soon as your evaluation has been completed; you can then collect your documents there in person.
    In case of any queries, please send an e-mail to:

We wish you a successful internship semester!