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Online Teaching

Information for students on online teaching in context of COVID-19 containment

In order to enable our students to progress as smoothly as possible with their studies, the WiSo Faculty started lecturing in the summer term 2020 successively on April 6th, 2020 with online teaching formats.

The current situation is still new for everyone. The Faculty is working hard to ensure that online teaching can run as smoothly as possible. Please bear with us if some things do not run perfectly yet.

(This page supplements the central platform for digital teaching of the University of Cologne and gives an introductory, practice-oriented overview of online teaching at the WiSo Faculty)

How do I know if my classes will take place online?

You will find information on this on KLIPS 2.0 in the respective course or on ILIAS. If you are not able to find any information, please contact the respective lecturer. jeweiligen Veranstaltung oder in ILIAS.

What will online teaching look like?

The lecturers decide individually what their online teaching will look like. KLIPS and ILIAS will continue to be your central sources of information on this. Many classes will take place live via Zoom, others will be prepared in advance and made available in video format via ILIAS. Whether a live event is recorded or not is decided individually by each lecturer.

Who do I contact if I have questions or problems regarding online teaching?

The main point of contact for all student questions is the WiSo Student Service Point (WiSSPo).

Please send inquiries via email using the contact form.

Ausführliche Informationen zu den praktischen Fragen zur Online-Lehre an der WiSo-Fakultät über diesen Überblick hinaus bieten auch die FAQ zur Onlinelehre an der WiSo-Fakultät!

Online classes in Zoom

Access and registration

  • Access to an online class will be given to you by your lecturer via ILIAS or by email.
  • Neither an account nor a license is required to register as a student. Please log in using your Smail address and your full name.
  • For active participation you may need a microphone and possibly a camera.
  • Please dial in a few minutes before the class starts.
  • It may be that the lecturer creates a queue for the online class. In this case you simply have to wait for the class to start or the lecturer to add you.

During the online class

  • Please leave your microphone switched off at first to avoid disturbing background noise.
  • Please be aware that the sessions can be recorded. You should receive a note from the lecturer if this is the case.
  • Depending on the lecturer’s settings, you have the following possibilities of participating in an online class:
    • Chat: You can use the chat function to can send questions to all participants or directly to the lecturer.
    • Raise Hand: If you want to say something, you can indicate this via "Participants" and then "Raise Hand". Wait for the lecturer to call you up and, if necessary, unlock you.
    • Reactions: Here you can react by displaying a "thumbs up" or "clapping hands" in your picture.

Leaving an online class

You can leave an online class yourself by clicking "Leave Meeting", or the session can be closed down centrally for everyone.

Further information and instructions can be found in the Zoom Help Center.

Further Information on Online teaching

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