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Programme Structure - Economic Education


The freely selected Minor covering 24 credit points (four modules with six credit points each) serves as a further specific profiling of the study: either deepening and specifying or more diversifying. The Minor should be determined in the first semester.

Elective Minor

One minor is supposed to be chosen. The chosen Minor should not correlate with the Major. Note: The minor descriptions are only available in german. The modules that can be selected within the minors, however, may be taught in both english or german.

The linked documents are only available in german at the time being.

1 This minor cannot be commenced after the winter term of 2014/15. With regard to the cycle announced in the course catalogue, respective exams will be offered not later than in the summer term of 2015. If a minor is not finished by that time, the academic assessments already completed in this minor will be transferred into the transitional minor „Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften“, starting in the winter term of 2015/16. By offering a suitable range of lectures, the faculty secures that students affected by this change will be able to finish this minor by the expiration of their respective examination regulation.

* Within the framework of cooperation agreements the minor "Studies Abroad in Management, Economic, Social Sciences" is studied at an university abroad and therefore require an admission to a respective exchange program. A list of all admitted exchange programs is announced on the homepage of the International Relations Center.

The minor description can be found online in the download-area of our homepage.

Reference to the study profile

Following minors are recommended for each study profile:

  • Study profile 1: Teaching and Training in Schools and Companies
    • Business Minor (e.g. Accounting, Finance etc.) or
    • Economic and Social Psychology (not allowed for teaching in schools)

  • Study Profile 2: Education Management
    • Corporate Development with the orientation of Human Ressources and Organisational Development or
    • Marketing

  • Study Profile 3: Organisation of vocational Integration and Rehabilitation
    • Health Economics or
    • Social Policy


To achieve the 24 credit points within the minor the students have to successfully pass four modules. When registering for a minor a specific registration at the examination office is necessary. The chosen minor can be changed once, as long as there has not taken place the third enrolment for examination in this minor. A second change of a minor is not possible. As far as the already written exams in the minor are not part of the new minor the grades are not relevant for the final grade of the master. But have minus points been accrued those will remain of importance.