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Programme Structure - Economic Education


The emphasis of this study program comprises of the major consisting of 72 credit points (12 modules with 6 credit points each). The modules can be chosen out of a pool of 18 modules altogether, which cover the thematic broadness of the study program. Four modules are compulsory:

  • Basics of Teaching
  • Systems of Vocational Education
  • Pedagogical Concepts of Consulting and Evaluation
  • Colloquium on Economic Pedagogics

With the choice of a further eight modules within the major one of the following study profiles can be accomplished, which relates to different future job opportunities.

  • Study Profile 1: Teaching and Training in Schools and Companies
  • Study Profile 2: Education Management
  • Study Profile 3: Organisation of vocational Integration and Rehabilitation

The various recommended study schedules are available within the general overview of the study program which can be found on our homepage in the download-area.

The approval of this study program to be equivalent to a teacher’s training certificate is aspired. As soon as further information in this context is available it will be published on our homepage.