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If you’re already studying Health Economics and would like to find out more about specific details of your master programme, you’ll find what you’re looking for on the Programme structure pages.

Key Facts

Degree: Master of Science
Duration: 4 semesters, full-time
Beginning: Winter semester
Credits: 120 ECTS
Language: English, German
Content: Application of knowledge, theories and methods in Business Administration, Medicine, Health Economics, Sociology and Economics to show the interdisci- plinary opportunities of quality and efficiency improvements in health care.
International: semester abroad, summer school (optional)
Application deadline: 15th June

This programme provides you with:

  • skills for a career as a health economics specialist in microeconomic management, administration, associations and health care governance institutions.
  • in-depth knowledge to develop an interdisciplinary understanding of the field based on the stakeholder groups that are relevant to health care (e.g. managers, policymakers, physicians).
  • methods for the application of health economic tools to support, shape or implement decision-making processes.

The Master’s Degree in Health Economics gives me the opportunity to deepen my knowledge in the fields of medicine, business administration and economics. I am particularly interested in learning how healthcare markets can be designed efficiently without losing focus on the best possible patient care.

Melanie, student of M.Sc. Health Economics at the WiSo Faculty

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This programme is right for you if you:

  • have successfully completed a bachelor’s or equivalent degree in health economics.
  • are motivated to learn new and interdisciplinary topics in a target-oriented way.
  • have mathematical understanding and good verbal and written expression in German and English.
  • work as a team player, because working in groups is often practiced in seminars and an important key factor for connecting health care perspectives.

This programme is right for you if you are interested in the following topics:

  • identification of the most important national and international players in health care systems
  • development and analysis of economic decision-making in companies
  • advancement of management skills
  • analysing diseases that are significant in terms of health economics and assessing how appropriate health care management can help tackle them
  • the benefit of evidence-based medicine as a key factor in therapy decisions
  • assessment of health policy measures, ethical implications of structures and courses of action evaluation of methodological designs in the context of clinical trials

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Still undecided?

Then get to know our offers for prospective students, which are coordinated by the WiSo Student Service Point and will provide you with individual advice tailored precisely to your needs.

Programme Overview

Connection of Health Care Perspectives

By incorporating the medical, management and system perspective into the programme structure, you as a student will be prepared for a successful career in healthcare with an all-embracing understanding. The course contents are taught by researchers and experts from the field and thus create a well-founded portfolio of theories, methods and interdisciplinary applications.

Specialised Career Tracks

With the innovative development of a Health Care Manager and a Health Care Analyst Track, you have the opportunity to set a focus from the second semester onwards. The tracks recommend courses from the study programme and help you to select courses according to the desired career profile.

Ludwig Kuntz

Health Economics is a pioneering field, bringing together the perspectives of different stakeholders from the realms of management, medicine and policy making.

Ludwig Kuntz, Professor and Director of the Department of Business Administration and Health Care Management

Unique Cooperation with the Faculty of Medicine

This Master of Science in Health Economics at the University of Cologne is the only study programme that can provide such close teaching and research cooperation between a Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences and a Faculty of Medicine in Germany. As a student of health economics, you have the opportunity to participate in courses from the medical studies in order to deepen your knowledge from a medical perspective.

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Chat with a student

Do you want first-hand insights and experiences about the Master Health Economics and the Student life at the University of Cologne from WiSo students?
Then don't hesitate and Chat with a student!


English taught programme

In addition to courses in German, the study programme also provides courses in English. Selected courses discuss international topics from research and health economic practice. In this way, students can get an international overview of different health care systems.

Optional semester abroad

Our cooperation agreements with an extensive number of excellent partner universities worldwide provide you with attractive options for your term abroad. The study programme structure offers many interdisciplinary options for a semester abroad. We are happy to advise you on your options.

Broad international network

With its balanced theoretical and practical approach, the internationally focused master’s programme prepares you for a career in international work environments and enables you to work for internationalised companies.
In addition to this, the WiSo Faculty has a strong alumni network of former students working in all business segments across the globe.

International Option

Double Master’s Programme in Health Economics and Management

The Double Master’s Programme in Health Economics and Management gives you the opportunity to benefit from the expertise of two top-ranking universities in two different countries:

  • Enjoy the advantages offered by the interdisciplinary approach and the participation of three faculties, the Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Cologne and the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences at Maastricht University.
  • Study at each university for one year and graduate with two master’s degrees: a Master of Science in Health Economics from the University of Cologne and a Master of Science in Healthcare Policy, Innovation and Management from Maastricht University.

Find further information on the Double Master’s Programme in Health Economics and Management online.

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Career Opportunities

In terms of job prospects, Cologne is a very attractive location for students of health economics. Many hospitals, well-known pharmaceutical companies, insurance and consulting firms are located in Cologne and the surrounding region. We help you forge ties with our partners even before you have completed the programme.

Upon graduation from the interdisciplinary Master in Health Economics programme, you will be prepared to work in public and private healthcare institutions. Your work will include tasks in the field of management, administration or in associations as well as health policy management institutions. Further professional prospects for graduates of this interdisciplinary programme include activities in academic teaching and health, as well as health policy research.

Pit Zimmermann

Through my studies at the University of Cologne with a focus on corporate finance and management in the healthcare sector, I have enjoyed a sound education from which I still benefit today. Even during my thesis on the subject of “Management structures of hospital management” I was able to establish initial contacts with my current colleagues. My solid theoretical knowledge, which I acquired during my studies, was the basis on which I was able to continuously build.

Pit Zimmermann, Managing Director, St. Vinzenz-Hospital, Academic Teaching Hospital of the University of Cologne and Alumnus of the WiSo Faculty

Exemplary areas for job opportunities

Health Care Manager Track

  • Controller for hospitals
  • Assistance to the board of directors at the hospital
  • Consultant
  • Project Manager of health care providers
  • Quality Manager
Sandra Sülz

While studying Health Economics in Cologne, I really enjoyed the close connection with research. It inspired me to pursue my PhD studies and to start working in an international academic environment.

Sandra Sülz, Assistant Professor, Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management, Health Services Management & Organisation (HSMO) and Alumna of the WiSo Faculty

Exemplary areas for job opportunities

Health Care Analyst Track

  • Controller for hospitals
  • Assistance to the board of directors at the hospital
  • Consultant
  • Project Manager of health care providers
  • Quality Manager

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