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Programme Structure Economics - Master Thesis (ER 2008)

Master Thesis

In the master thesis, which has an extent of 24 credit points, the students shall proof that they are capable of editing a problem with scientific means within a certain period of time.

The topic of the master thesis should usually correspond with the major. Furthermore can the respective examination board also allow the choice of another subject that is part of the WiSo-faculty. The different advanced seminars and projects can count as preliminary stage for research-oriented working.

The registration for the master thesis can be made as soon as the student has achieved 48 credit points in the three subject areas of the major.

The processing time for the master thesis is, corresponding to the 72 credit points one will receive for it, 720 working hours and is spread regularly on the third and fourth semester. The extent of the master thesis should not be more than 60 pages.