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Master of Science

Information on M.Sc. Economics (ER 2015)

Photo: Fabian Stürtz

As of winter term 2018/19 all new Master's students are starting with the new programme structure in M.Sc. Economics based on the examination regulations (ER) of 2018.

Did you enrol to the M.Sc. Economics before winter term 2018/19? Then your M.Sc. Economics degree programme is based on the programme structure of the examination regulations (ER) 2015. As a Master's student of M.Sc. Economics (2015), a voluntary shift into the new programme structure (ER 2018) of M.Sc. Economics will be possible once from 1 Oct until 2 Nov 2018.

The new programme structure (smaller extend of the core and advanced section and greater extend of the specialisation section) can be seen here: programme structure M.Sc. Economics (ER 2018).

More information about credit transfer are provided by the WiSo Student Service without obligation here. It can be used as orientation.

If you decide to continue your M.Sc. Economics degree programme based on the examination regulations of 2015, please refer to the attached documents below. Those will be of help to plan your further study progress: