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The Studium Integrale is designed to promote competencies that go beyond the actual subject-related studies. To this end, the various faculties of the University of Cologne offer subject-specific introductory events, competence training (e.g. IT or rhetoric), language courses and lecture series on current topics. The Professional Center also has exciting offers ready for you, which you can take in the Studium Integrale.

The Studium Integrale is part of the Bachelor's degree programmes (exception: teaching profession). It comprises 12 CPs and is formally considered a module, which remains ungraded.

Further information on the Studium Integrale at the University of Cologne can be found on the infomation page on Studium Integrale (SI) and extracurricular offers (EA).

Please note that there are different regulations for the Studium Integrale within the different examination regulations!