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Admission Tests

If the number of candidates meeting the admission criteria exceeds the number of places available for the programme, a selection procedure will be organised to rank the candidates.

In the degree programmes International Management (CEMS MIM), Business Administration, Economics and Economic Research, one admission score is awarded for each applicant. The awarding of points and score formation can be viewed in the respective admission regulations as well as in this table. We recommend that you take an admission test as this will increase your chances in the admission process.

We accept the following tests, which must not be older than five years. But please note the special regulations due to Covid-19.

  accepted admission tests  
  to be submitted by obligatory TM-WISO TM-BASE

GMAT™ Exam &

GMAT™ Online Exam

GRE® &

GRE® General Test at Home

minimum score
International Management (CEMS MIM) 31 March no no yes yes no none
Business Administration 15 Juni no yes yes yes no
DMP* Business Administration on completion of the application yes no no yes no
Economics 15 June no yes yes yes yes
DMP* Economics 15 June no yes yes yes yes
Economic Research 31 March no no no no yes
Health Economics   no admission test is required
DMP* Health Economics
Information Systems
Political Science
DMP* European Studies
Sociology and Social Research
DMP* Demography and Social Inequality

* Double Master's Programme

Please also read the section selection procedure in our FAQs.