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Wirtschaftswoche Researcher Ranking

The Wirtschaftswoche Researcher Ranking lists the publications of business economists working at chairs, Fraunhofer and Max Planck Institutes in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (including post-docs and junior professors).

The ranking of current research performance includes publications in the five-year period 2016 to 2020 inclusive. The lifetime performance ranking takes into account all articles ever published by a researcher, the ranking of young researchers all publications by researchers who were not yet 40 years old on the cut-off date.

In the ranking "The Top Researchers in Business Administration from Germany, Austria and Switzerland 2020", WiSo-Prof. Werner Reinartz  is ranked 32nd and WiSo-Prof. Wolfgang Ketter 42nd. In addition, Prof. Urlich Thonemann, Prof. Dirk Sliwka and Prof. Andreas Fügener are among the top 100.

In the ranking "The most research-intensive business economists under 40 in 2020", Prof. Andreas Fügener is among the top 100.

In "The Great Lifetime Achievement Ranking 2020", Prof. Urlich Thonemann is in 30th place. In addition, Prof. Dirk Sliwka, Prof. Werner Reinartz and Prof. Christoph Rosenkranz are among the top 100. Prof. Detlef Schoder, Prof. Alexander Kempf, Prof. Bernd Irlenbusch, Prof. Marc Fischer, Prof. Franziska Völckner, Prof. Carsten Homburg and Prof. Wolfgang Ketter are among the top 250.