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Business administration ranking (every two years, even-numbered years)

The Handelsblatt assesses all the publications by German-speaking researchers in the main academic journals on business administration. The collected data is used to award points and to identify the best-performing researchers and departments. The analysis is carried out by the Swiss Institute for Business Cycle Research at the ETH Zurich. More than 2000 researchers and 1000 academic journals are included in the analysis. In both 2012 and 2014, the WiSo Faculty came in ninth place among German-speaking universities (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), and in fourth place among German universities only. The best-performing researcher is Prof. Dr Dirk Sliwka (Department of Business Administration and Human Resource Management). Weblink

Economics ranking (every two years, odd-numbered years)

The Handelsblatt regularly assesses (since 2006) the research performance of economics departments based on the academic journal publications by its research staff. The Swiss Institute for Business Cycle Research at the ETH Zurich and DICE (University of Düsseldorf) analyse more than 2200 academic journals for the assessment on behalf of the Handelsblatt, which helps to determine the final ranking of departments and institutes. The WiSo Faculty reached 2017 the fifth place among German-speaking universities (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). That means it is currently in third place among German universities. Weblink

In the 2017 Handelsblatt economists ranking, the University of Cologne is represented five times in the top 50 list of research economists among German-speaking universities: Prof. Dr. Matthias Sutter (rank 7), Prof. Dr. Carlos Alós-Ferrer (rank 20), Prof. Dr. Patrick W. Schmitz (rank 22), Prof. Dr. Felix Bierbauer (rank 31) and Prof. Dr. Axel Ockenfels (rank 48). Weblink

If you add the points from the Handelsblatt Research Rankings for business administration in 2014 and for economics in 2015, the Faculty of Management, Economics and Socail Sciences is currently the best German research institution (154 points).

In the aggregated examination of the Handelsblatt and Wirtschaftswoche rankings, it is noticeable that the University of Cologne has been able to show the best development/performance since 2011 in the areas of business administration and economics compared to other universities.