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Markets and Governments

Research in the Key Research Initiative “Markets and Governments“ deals with recent and fundamental challenges to the terms and conditions of economic policy making and its institutional framework. One of our current interests are unanticipated events or shock which call for an immediate response and generate a long-lasting controversy over policy-responses (unforeseen contigencies).

Recent research topics include e.g.

  • Regulatory responses to the financial crisis,
  • Media responses to political shocks and the impact on policy makers,
  • Distributive consequences of unconventional monetary policy,
  • Public and private help in response to the refugee crisis,
  • Inclusive democracies capabilities for dealing with political shocks.

First, we investigate the patterns, the possibilities and the effects of economic policy interventions with theoretical or empirical research methods. Second, we strive to derive optimal policies and institutions for such interventions in terms of as a) Political Legitamcy and Public Support and b) measures of economic performance.

Our detailed research agenda and a list of our research projects is provided here.