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"Just do it, you learn the rest along the way."

An interview with Detechgene, "startup your idea" winner 2020.

The four founders of Detechgene on a roooftop

"For us, it was also the first time that we presented our idea in front of others in a pitch and were thus able to find out how our idea was received by others," describes Janine Krauss from Detechgene and thus already outlines the motivation of the young founders to take part in the "startup your idea" competition for founding-ideas of the Gateway ESC and the WiSo Faculty.

The main focus was on the opportunity for exchange and networking, whether with other founding teams or with people who could help with expertise or financial means to get the project off the ground. Winning the competition was all the more gratifying.

In an interview with Thomas Lach from Gateway ESC, Janine reports on what happened after the founding-ideas competition and where Detechgene currently stands. It is worth reading not only for all those who can imagine becoming founders themselves one day.

If this also applies to you, take Janine's advice: "If you have a cool idea, just try it out and present yourself and your project." So don't miss out on the chance to experience this as a finalist and take part in the "startup your idea" founding-ideas competition 2021! The deadline for applications is 8 October 2021.